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Stories of firearms used for self defense.
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Self Defense Situations

Guns & Gasoline would like to keep track of positive uses of firearms to legally and lawfully defend ones self, family and property. There are too many negative uses garnering all of the attention. The positive uses are difficult to find corroborating stories from “credible” mainstream media sources, if you have additional sources or stories, please share them with us.

Let’s put some positive light on this inalienable right.

06/17/2013: Business Owner Shoots Would-Be Robber in Newark, New Jersey

When confronted with a would-be robber that pulled a firearm from a backpack, while demanding cash and gold, a business owner in Newark, NJ fought back. With threats to shoot the owner’s family being put forth, the owner grabbed his own weapon and defended his family from the criminal.

Firearm Used by the Homeowner: Unspecified firearm


05/22/2013: Burglary Suspect Killed by Homeowner in East Helena County, Montana

A burglary suspect (from multiple crimes in the area) was inside a Montana man’s home alone. When the homeowner returned home and found the criminal in his home, defending himself and his home, the homeowner retrieved one of his firearms and discharged one shot into the burglar.

Firearm Used by the Homeowner: Unspecified firearm


04/13/2013: Home Invaders Shot in Fayettville, NC

Home invaders in Fayettville, North Carolina picked the wrong home to break into. Their actions led to a shoot out between the invaders and the homeowner. While the homeowner did receive non-life threatening injuries,  one of the criminals was not as fortunate. One of the would-be robbers was taken to the hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

Hopefully criminals will start to realize there are some places where you just don’t want to break into a home, some owners shoot back.

Firearm Used by the Employee: Unspecified firearm


03/12/2013: Passerby Stops Beating in West Allis, Wisconsin

Driving down a dark street around 4 am, Marine Corps. Veteran Charlie Blackmore saw something suspicious. Stopping his vehicle, he realized he was witnessing a man kicking and beating a woman, who was curled up on the sidewalk. Pulling his concealed carry firearm, he yelled, “STOP!”

Using his voice and firearm, Mr. Blackmore was able to convince the assailant to keep his distance while awaiting law enforcement’s arrival.

While this type of activity is not encouraged by law enforcement, it goes to show that good people with firearms can save lives. Especially shots are not fired.

Firearm Used by the Employee: Unspecified firearm


03/07/2013: Intruder Shot Invading Home in Spokane, Washington

While six people were home on March 7th around 7pm, an intruder began climbing through a dog door, toward a homeowner. Shots were fired, police were called. The attempted home invader was pronounced dead at the scene.

The homeowner is not expected to face any charges for protecting their home and the well being of those lawfully in the home.

Firearm Used by the Employee: Unspecified handgun


02/19/2013: Homeowner shoots/kills intruder in Dallas, Texas

Drawn to a window after hearing some suspicious sounds, a home owner made use of their firearm and protections offered by the Texas ‘Castle Doctrine’ to prevent harm from coming to their own person or anybody else in the home. The intruder was the owner of a rather long list of criminal activities in his past. Even his own mother could not defend him when informed about the incident, she merely said, “Yeah, it’s something he would do.”

Firearm Used by the Employee: Unspecified firearm


02/13/2013: Elderly Man Stops Assault/Possible Rape in Roswell, New Mexico

A woman was attacked by an aggressive individual, when she fled, with her child, to her landlord’s home, the attacker followed and broke into the second location. During the time the assailant was hitting the woman in her face, the 87 year old landlord retrieved his firearm and placed a shot in the attacker. This angered the man, who received another round in his person. For over an hour, the assailant ran around the property with two rounds in his body. Finally, the attacker took himself to the hospital, where he was arrested.

On a side note, the attacker had a GPS ankle monitor on, as part of his probation from a previous assault.

Firearm Used by the Employee: Unspecified firearm


02/04/2013: Elderly Man Stops Home Invasion in Las Vegas, Nevada

A 72 year old man called police when he heard people breaking into his home. He was in his bedroom with his firearm when the intruders entered his room. He fired at least one shot, which was enough to scare off the assailants. One suspect was found, deceased, in the backyard with a handgun. Two other suspects were caught by police.

This was the second attempted burglary in his home in a month.

Firearm Used by the Employee: Unspecified firearm


02/01/2013: Basketball Coach Stops Assault in Detroit, Michigan

A 70 year old basketball coach and reserve police officer was escorting two female basketball players to their cars when a pair of suspects arrived and drew their weapons in the course of the assault. Thinking, or reacting fast, the coach drew his weapon and defended himself and his players with well placed shots. One suspect died, the other was taken to the hospital.

Firearm Used by the Employee: Unspecified Handgun


01/25/2013: Employee Stops Robbery in Las Vegas, Nevada

On Friday, January 25, at least two attempted robbers went into a jewelery store and brandished a firearm, in an effort to acquire somebody else’s property without paying. Before the bad guys could do any damage, a second employee pulled his firearm and non-fatally wounded one of the robbers.

Firearm Used by the Employee: Unspecified Handgun


01/24/2013: Student Stops Home Invasion in Rochester, New York

Two home invaders entered a student’s home and held one of the occupants at gun point. That person’s screams woke the other person in the home up, who had enough time to grab his AR-15 before the door began to open. Once the intruders saw this was an armed household, they promptly, and quickly, exited the premises.

Firearm Used by the Employee: AR-15 platform rifle


01/17/2013: Neighbor Stops Robbery in Canyon Lake, Texas

Around 4am, the sound of broken glass was heard. A neighbor went outside to investigate. He asked the person what he was doing. The would-be intruder began approaching the neighbor with a baseball bat, and was belligerent. Being warned to keep his distance and stop moving toward the neighbor, he failed to comply. A shotgun was used to defend the neighbor against bodily harm by the person with their baseball bat

Firearm Used by the Neighbor: Unspecified Shotgun


01/10/2013: 15 Year old Defends Against Robbers in Houston, Texas

“Around 2:30 PM, two men tried to break in, with one going through the front door and the other in the back.

The boy grabbed the AR-15 and shot at them. The two later showed up at a Tomball hospital. The adult was hit three times and was flown to Memorial Hermann hospital, while the juvenile was taken back to the crime scene.”
Firearm Used by the 15 year old: .223 caliber AR-15 platform sporting rifle


01/09/2013: Man Defends Against 3 Home Invaders in Colorado Springs, Colorado

According to, Michaud claimed, ”The door opened up quick and three guys came in… That’s when the guys said, ‘You go back there, I’ll take care of him.’” At this point, Al Michaud used his .357 Magnum to put one round in an assailant’s chest, another round went off in the struggle and injured a different assailant in the leg.

Colorado’s ‘Make My Day’ law allows for the use of deadly force while in your home. When the third assailant ran, Mr. Michaud could have faced criminal prosecution for firing up on that person.
Firearm Used by the 56 year old Al Michaud: .357 Magnum handgun


01/08/2013: Almond Avenue Pharmacy in Madera, California

“It was not a robbery so much as it was an execution. It was an attempted assassination. They didn’t make any demands. They simply came in, went over here, I mean they were basically trying to shoot us in the back of the head,” explained pharmacy owner Bryan Lee.

Fresno, California gang members broke into the pharmacy, he returned fire.
Firearm Used by Mr. Lee: Smith & Wesson 1911 Colt 45


01/07/2013: CCW Carrier Protects Son From Robber in Columbus, Ohio

Kelby Smith was leaving a family member’s home when a pistol was put to his head. The assailant demanded money. Complying, Mr. Smith drew his own weapon, in the event the situation escalated. Grabbing the cash, the assailant ran, then decided to turn and point his weapon at the father of a 2 month old. Mr. Smith fired and injured the robber.

Mr. Smith and his son were saved in this altercation. While shots were fired, this CCW carrier was willing to lose some money to avoid using deadly force. When his hand was forced, the trigger was pulled.
Firearm Used by Mr. Smith: Unknown beyond concealable handgun


01/05/2013: Attempted Home Invasion in Loganville, Georgia

The mother said she could see the suspect– now identified as Paul Slater– trying to enter the house with the crowbar from her office window.  Without hesitation, she grabbed her children, her phone, her gun, and ran upstairs.

She did the right thing, trying to evade the assailant first, upon being discovered by the suspect, she opened fire. Five of the six rounds from her revolver struck the assailant in the face and neck. He left the house of his own volition before crashing his SUV into some trees.

Firearm used by the Mother: .38 Revolver


01/03/2013: Robbery Stopped in Lubbock, Texas

Two men wearing ski masks attempted to steal a television from a homeowner’s backyard. The homeowner called 911 and went outside with a firearm. He discharged an undetermined number of rounds at the assailants. They fled without any of the homeowner’s property.

Firearm used by the Homeowner defending his property: Unreleased


01/03/2013: Meat Market Robbery Foiled in Akron, Ohio

Two armed men entered a market in Akron, Ohio with guns drawn early January. One of the assailants fired a few rounds during the attempted robbery, which drew the attention and fire from an employee. Both assailants ended up in the hospital and arrested.

Firearm used by the Employee defending his co-workers/life: Unreleased


01/02/2013: Father Shoots Attempted Robber in Phoenix, Arizona

After a man attempted to enter multiple houses, he then tried to get into the window belonging to a 4 and 7 year old. The homeowner and father to the two girls yelled at the assailant. When the intruder reached for his waistband, the father defended himself and his daughters, shooting the would-be robber. The assailant later died at the hospital.

Firearm used by the Father defending his daughters/home/life: Unreleased


01/02/2013: Homeowner Shoots Deranged Intruder in Miami, Florida

In yet another strange story from Florida, a naked man broke into a home, was choking the family pet and attempted to bite homeowners. The intruder was shot once in the leg before the homeowner’s gun jammed. The intruder was held until police could arrive.

Firearm used by the Homeowner defending their home/life: Unreleased


12/31/2012: Homeowner Defends Home Second Time In A Month in Cleveland, Ohio

For the second time in two months, a homeowner was confronted with an intruder in his home. The home invader attempted to injure the homeowner with a lamp, who then received rounds in his cheek and arm. The robber was held at gunpoint until police arrived.

Firearm used by the Homeowner defending his home/life: Unreleased


12/23/2012: 3 Wounded 1 Killed in attempted home invasion in Sacramento, California

A father heard a disturbance while his kids had friends over for a slumber party. He retrieved his firearm and exchanged fire with the four assailants as they illegally entered his home. The home owner was injured by gun fire, as were all of the intruders.

If this father did not have a firearm with sufficient ammunition, what could have happened to everybody in the home?
Firearm used by the Father defending his home/children/life:


12/21/2012: Homeowner Confronted by Home Invader with Knife in Cleveland, Ohio

A homeowner was asleep on his couch, when he heard sounds coming from another portion of his home. Grabbing his handgun, he tracks down the source of the sound. He was met by an intruder with a knife. The homeowner fired one shot, striking the intruder. The intruder then attempted to leave the property, before collapsing on the driveway, where he was pronounced dead by authorities.

Firearm used by the Homeowner defending his home/life: Unreported Handgun


08/09/2012: Attempted Gun Store Robbery in North Augusta, Georgia

Stephen Bayazes Jr. and his wife were asleep in the apartment behind their Georgia gun store when three intruders broke in. And by broke in, they drove a van through the wall of their store and were loading firearms into the van. Noticing Mr. Bayazes, the intruders yelled to ‘kill him’. Mr. Bayazes used his lawfully possessed AR-15 to send rounds toward the assailants. One died on the scene, two others were able to drive off. Mr. Bayazes went through his entire 30 round standard capacity AR-15 magazine before needing to reload.

The other two assailants were captured not far from the scene of the crime.
Firearm used by the Husband defending his home/livelihood/life/wife:
AR-15 semi-automatic sporting rifle


05/04/2009: College Student Stops Two Gunmen in College Park, Georgia

Two masked, armed men broke into an apartment with ten people inside for a celebration. A conversation regarding how many bullets did they have being enough took place between the intruders. One of the invited guests was able to draw his own weapon from a bag and put rounds into the intruder.

The assailants ran, one survived, the other was sought by police.
Firearm used by the student defending his friends/life:
Unspecified Handgun


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Firearms Used In Self Defense Situations
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