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Asinine DC Registration

Apparently, the brilliant politicians in Washington, DC have decreed that the original infringement of firearms registration was not enough. Now, as of January 2, 2o14, residents are being forced to pay $48 to renew their registration. This new, three year registration is meant as a means to locate those people who were once legally “allowed” to possess firearms, and now have something on their record that would disallow them from their Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

Something troubling about this entire situation is the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department estimates that there are at least 30,000 gun owners in the area. Of course, this is only 30,000 law-abiding gun owners. Then again, if you have records of registration, shouldn’t the Police have a better idea as to how many there are?

You can read the Washington Times’ story, here. What are your thoughts on this encroachment on our rights?

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